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Thread: What is a simsub?

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    What is a simsub?

    I hate to sound dense, but what does the term "simsub" refer to?

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    Re: What is a simsub?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Steve House:
    I hate to sound dense, but what does the term "simsub" refer to?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Simultaneous substitution. Also known as simulcasting. The upshot is the replacement of a foreign (i.e. U.S.) signal with a Domestic one. For example, you may tune to Fox to watch the X-Files, but you will actually be watching the Global channel.

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    Re: What is a simsub?


    A "Simsub" is when a canadian distributor (ie. Global, CTV.) showing content-which it has domestic rights to-replaces that same show, provided it is avaiable at the same time, being broadcasted from a foreign channel (ie. NBC, ABC..etc.)

    It is basically a way to increase advertising market penetration for the Canadian rights holder by overwhelming you with Canadian advertisments on an otherwise non-canadian channel.

    So next time you see the CTV or Global logo on NBC or ABC or are experiencing the much argued about SIMSUB.



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    Re: What is a simsub?

    And coming soon... "non-simultaneous substitution". BEV and CTV are petitioning the CRTC to allow them to block any program which they have the rights to, even if they aren't broadcasting it at the same time.

    The foreign program would be replaced with "alternate programming" so that you could only watch it at times when it is carried by a Canadian provider.

    If you like simsub, you'll love what BEV/CTV have in store for you!

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    Re: What is a simsub?

    And then they wonder why Canadians so much like the color grey.

    They create it.

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    Re: What is a simsub?

    In other words, it's BS. I've seen the 'non-simotaneous subsitiution' in Eau Claire (Wis.)before. Their cable (Charter) carries WCCO (CBS 4 M-SP) but is almost always blacked out. (Blame WKBT (Ch 8. La Crosse (Wis.)) for half of them (buring prime time)) WCCO airs local news in EC ant that's about it.

    One of the reasons I'm considering 'reverse grey' is so I can watch Jeopardy at 6-7 PM CT and not at 3:30 (WFRV and WTMJ's air time). (WJFW (NBC Ch. 12- Rhinelander) does air it at 6, but I'd need a huge antenna to get it.

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