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Thread: Multi-Switch prob for you tech-guru's out there !

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    Multi-Switch prob for you tech-guru\'s out there !

    This is my first post in this forum as, up until now, I have always been satisfied with my equipment. Perhaps the wife might want to say something ... nah ... another time ....

    Anyway, I have a 3100 in the living room and two 2700's in the back, one in my daughters room, one on the computer used with a Hauppauge TV Card. Put in the multi-switch last year and it worked fine for about 8 months. Recently, the system started dropping stations and I tracked it down to the odd-numbered transponders, ie 1,3,5, etc. Every one was affected and the signal would drop off to zero for a fraction of a second every 15 or 20 seconds. Removing various pieces of the puzzle resulted in both the 3100 in the living room and the back rooms by elimination being spliced around the switch and problem solved. Off to Future Shop and they gave me a new switch. Kudo's to them as they Fedex'd one to me from CHTWN in less than 24 hrs !

    Put the switch in and bingo .... same problem again. Now I start to do some serious looking and finally determine that

    With the 3100 on by itself, sig strength is 93% plus
    With the 3100 and the receiver in the back room on, receiver sig strength drops to 85% to 87%. This switch is powered by the receivers.
    With the 2700 in my daughters room switched on, the receiver sig strength in the living room drops to 65% and the problem starts on all receivers, regardless of which ones or how many are on.

    Before I take the 2700 back for an exchange can anyone tell me what is going on as this receiver works FINE if NOT plugged into the multi-switch and I don't know what to tell the dealer if they check it out first as obviously, a multi-switch is not THEIR problem, but it certainly is MY problem if it won't work in the kind of environment I'm trying to create. Is there any way to isolate this receiver when installing it .. ie I wonder if the receiver impedance is low enough that when there are others in the mix, it is stealing the majority of the signal ????

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer <g>

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    Re: Multi-Switch prob for you tech-guru\'s out there !

    It might be related to the other threads about break up. Bell upgraded the software in the 2700's and it is causing problems. Read in the Troubleshooting Forum.

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    Re: Multi-Switch prob for you tech-guru\'s out there !

    Thanks ... I'll have a look.

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