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Thread: PVR freezes

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    PVR freezes

    Sunday morning i wake up and PVR keeps freezing after rebooting the system the video comes up and none of the keys bring up guide recoreded shows no menu and then picture freezes and the batteris are new.

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    I think your PVR (530 or 630) is toast. Maybe you can get a deal from Shaw or better if your receiver is under life time warranty - call to see if it is covered anyway.

    Good Luck!

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    Call Shaw about problem

    Reading your posts on another area of this website, I now wonder if the problem maybe with your dish or outside wiring. Sounds like you should put in a trouble call to Shaw. A technician can diagnose the problem, tune the dish and perhaps recommend a new PVR.

    11-22-2015, 03:16 AM #1
    massive wind storm dish issues

    last tuesday had massive windstorm and power out for 4 days comes back on no signal spent hours trying to tune Dish in and would get a flash of a yellow or green bar and dispears whats the deal? frusterated? the storm had huricane force winds?

    11-23-2015, 03:18 PM #3

    looks like the wind pushed the dish back, pushed the arm forward where its straight up and down and signal is back.

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    im in a location i cant get a replacment PVR also I have shows on the PVR i cant lose, how can it stop working over nigt?

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    I hate to say it but, did you unplug the PVR from the electrical outlet, wait a minute, and then plug it back in?

    Probably won't work, but it is easy to do and costs nothing.

    If your location prevents you from calling Shaw Direct, go to the dish and disconnect and reconnect the cables. Again, probably not the problem, but what the heck...

    As a non-technician and no access to Shaw, your options are limited. The shows in the hard drive are married to your PVR; the HD cannot be removed and used with a computer and cannot be transferred to another PVR even if the PVR is the same model.

    If your location is "Calgary Centre", maybe there is a satellite dealer in Calgary that can help.

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    Too late now, but... I have used a DVD recorder connected to the A/V outputs of the PVR to back up special programs. The recordings are not in HD.

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    It sounds like your satellite dish was blown out of alignment. Get it realigned. Just a few millimeters out will screw things up.

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    I agree with Gary. If you have checked your signal recently you may have noticed poor signal strength. If you are on the razor's edge of getting a signal, as Gary said your dish may have easily become mis-aligned.

    If you are not at "Calgary Centre", but in the USA you may find a satellite company to re-align your dish or at least rule out that your PVR no longer works. BTW, our host ships to the USA.

    If you are in Canada and calling Shaw Direct is not something you want to do and you want to do things yourself, our host Ku Satellite has instructions how to align a dish and they also sell PVRs and everything else.

    They ship to the USA

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