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Thread: TV Picks Oct 4-10 "Fargo" from Last Season

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    Post TV Picks Oct 4-10 "Fargo" from Last Season

    I got busy today to list "Fargo" catch up from last season is on FX this afternoon, but is not listed below.

    "Fargo" was only available on the Bell Satellite FX network last season.

    The current season of "Fargo" is on Shaw Direct later this season.

    Day, Show, East Start Time, End, Zap2it Advanced, Shaw New#s & Station

    Sunday,Giada In Italy,11:00AM,11:30AM,338,129-Food HD
    Sunday,Madam Secretary,8:00PM,9:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Sunday,CSI: Cyber,10:00PM,11:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Sunday,The Strain,10:00PM,11:00PM,334,090-FX HD
    Sunday,Fear The Walking Dead,11:10PM,12:21AM,364,130-AMC HD
    Monday,Quantico,1:00AM,2:00AM,326,064-ABC West HD

    Monday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Monday,Big Bang Theory,7:30PM,8:00PM,302,034-CTV Toronto HD
    Monday,Gotham,8:00PM,9:00PM,323,061-Fox East HD
    Monday,Murdoch Mysteries,8:00PM,9:00PM,300,033-CBC Toronto HD
    Monday,Scorpion,9:00PM,10:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Monday,Minority Report,9:00PM,10:00PM,323,061-Fox East HD
    Monday,NCIS: Los Angeles,10:00PM,11:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Monday,Castle,10:00PM,11:00PM,302,034-CTV Toronto HD
    Tuesday,Blindspot,1:00AM,2:00AM,325,063-NBC West HD

    Tuesday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Tuesday,Grandfathered,8:00PM,8:30PM,323,061-Fox East HD
    Tuesday,The Flash,8:00PM,9:00PM,302,034-CTV Toronto HD
    Tuesday,The Grinder,8:30PM,9:00PM,323,061-Fox East HD
    Tuesday,Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.,9:00PM,10:00PM,321,059-ABC East HD
    Tuesday,iZombie,9:00PM,10:00PM,342,057-WGN HD
    Tuesday,Limitless,10:00PM,11:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Tuesday,NCIS,11:00PM,12:00AM,327,065-CBS West HD
    Wednesday,NCIS: New Orleans,12:00AM,12:30AM,327,065-CBS West HD

    Wednesday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Wednesday,Mysteries Of Laura,8:00PM,9:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Wednesday,Arrow,8:00PM,9:00PM,302,034-CTV Toronto HD
    Wednesday,Criminal Minds,9:00PM,10:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Wednesday,Supernatural,9:00PM,10:00PM,342,057-WGN HD
    Wednesday,Chicago PD,10:00PM,11:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Wednesday,Code Black,10:00PM,11:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Wednesday,Rosewood,11:00PM,12:00AM,328,066-Fox West HD
    Wednesday,The Middle,11:00PM,11:30PM,326,064-ABC West HD
    Wednesday,The Goldbergs,11:30PM,12:00AM,326,064-ABC West HD
    Thursday,Law & Order: SVU,12:00AM,1:00AM,325,063-NBC West HD

    Thursday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Thursday,Heroes Reborn,8:00PM,9:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Thursday,Scandal,9:00PM,10:00PM,321,059-ABC East HD
    Thursday,Saving Hope,9:00PM,10:00PM,302,034-CTV Toronto HD
    Thursday,The Player,10:00PM,11:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Thursday,How To Get Away With Murder,10:00PM,11:00PM,321,059-ABC East HD
    Friday,Sleepy Hollow,12:00AM,1:00AM,328,066-Fox West HD
    Friday,Blacklist,12:00AM,1:00AM,325,063-NBC West HD

    Friday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Friday,Undateable,8:00PM,9:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Friday,Last Man Standing,8:00PM,8:30PM,321,059-ABC East HD
    Friday,Dr Ken,8:30PM,9:00PM,321,059-ABC East HD
    Friday,Hawaii Five-0,9:00PM,10:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Friday,Blue Bloods,10:00PM,11:00PM,322,060-CBS East HD
    Friday,Bill Maher- Ep 367,10:00PM,11:00PM,345,145-HBO East HD

    Saturday,Daphne Dishes,10:00AM,10:30AM,338,129-Food HD
    Saturday,Valerie's Home Cooking,10:30AM,11:00AM,338,129-Food HD
    Saturday,Pioneer Woman,12:00PM,12:30PM,338,129-Food HD
    Saturday,Martha Bakes,2:30PM,3:00PM,324,062-PBS East HD
    Saturday,America's Test Kitchen,3:00PM,3:30PM,324,062-PBS East HD
    Saturday,Cook's Country,3:30PM,4:00PM,324,062-PBS East HD

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    The catch-up episodes of "Fargo" is on Sunday Oct 4 on Shaw Direct. I got too busy to list it in the full week listing.

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