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Thread: TV Picks August 2-8

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    Post TV Picks August 2-8

    Day,Show,East Start Time,End,Zap2it Advanced,Shaw New#s& Station

    Sunday,Beauty And The Beast,8:00PM,9:00PM,341,084-ShowcaseHD
    Sunday,Jonathan Strange- Ep 6,8:00PM,9:00PM,346,141-TMNHD
    Sunday,Ray Donovan 3- Ep 304,9:00PM,10:00PM,346,141-TMNHD
    Sunday,The Strain,10:00PM,11:00PM,334,090-FX HD

    Monday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Monday,Devious Maids,9:00PM,10:00PM,581,081-Lifetime HD
    Monday,Murder In The First,10:00PM,11:00PM,582,082-BravoHD
    Tuesday,The Whispers,1:00AM,2:00AM,326,064-ABC West HD

    Tuesday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Tuesday,Tyrant,10:00PM,11:00PM,334,090-FX HD
    Wednesday,Zoo,12:00AM,1:00AM,327,065-CBS West HD

    Wednesday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Wednesday,Mr Robinson,9:00PM,9:30PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Wednesday,Suits,9:00PM,10:00PM,24,CBC Lloyd
    Wednesday,Mr Robinson,9:30PM,10:00PM,320,058-NBC East HD
    Wednesday,Proof,10:00PM,11:00PM,582,082-Bravo HD
    Thursday,Extant,12:00AM,2:00AM,327,065-CBS West HD
    Thursday,Mr Robinson,12:00AM,12:30AM,325,063-NBC West HD
    Thursday,Mr Robinson,12:30AM,1:00AM,325,063-NBC West HD

    Thursday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Thursday,Graceland,10:00PM,11:00PM,582,082-Bravo HD
    Friday,Under The Dome,1:00AM,2:00AM,327,065-CBS West HD

    Friday,The Chew,1:00PM,2:00PM,304,035-City Toronto HD
    Friday,Bill Maher- Ep 359,10:00PM,11:00PM,345,145-HBOEast HD

    Saturday,Hell On Wheels,9:00PM,10:00PM,364,130-AMC HD

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    Exclamation Mr. Robinson

    Note that I have listed Mr. Robinson Part 1 and Part 2 on Thursday on both NBC East and NBC West.
    My Shaw Direct guide/search was "indecisive" about whether NBC West would be Dateline or Mr. Robinson.
    When in doubt, I suggest recording East Coast NBC.

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