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Thread: Posting?

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    Its been brought to my attention when posting a funny thing happens before your post is placed on the forum. It appears and I'm not 100% that since the updated to the forum this is happen. I will PM Phil and hopefully this will be resoled.
    Until then you can stil post but will see this code, but your post will be posted.
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    Question Forum Working?

    I was unable to post on Sunday, April 19, 2015.
    Is the forum fixed to accept posts.

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    When posting this, the site rejected the "preview" saying that the post had too few characters. I copied what was visible and inserted it in the blank post that appeared which had the subject "Forum Working?" I then clicked the "submit" button and it appears to work.

    Something is not right with the forum software.

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    Unhappy Form Software is Wacky

    I tried to post my TV Picks Monday, April 20, 2015 , but the forum would not accept that post.
    Odd that it accepted my post of this part of the forum. Also, I tried to PM MCI BUS on Sunday, but the website rejected it.

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    Well I got two PM from you 12 & 14.

    As to the issue with posting and the wackiness I've PM Phiil so other then that there not mucjh I can do as he has the control of upgrades and that kinds of stuff with the forum Us Mods/ADMIN'S are limited to certain features.
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    Phil must have done something since I was able to post even if there is some web code that comes up. Good enough.

    Thanks for your volunteer work Tom!

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