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Thread: Shaw Direct 630 External Hard Drive

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    Question Shaw Direct 630 External Hard Drive

    I mentioned this in the "Television Channels & Programming" forum in passing, but this is probably the official site for this question. I would appreciate recommendations from the group.

    For my Shaw Direct 630, I would like to buy an HDD enclosure and 2TB capacity HDD that is designed for PVR use, not the usual computer backup models.

    I called Shaw asking what they recommend. They mostly listed HD enclosures and WD "My Book".Western Digital has a PVR HDD contained in a nice box, but it is only 1TB. It's a good thing to have all in one box, but it looks like I'll have to buy the HDD and enclosure separately and put it together myself.

    Your recommendations are solicited. Thank you.

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    Stick with Western Digital drives. Seagate has been much less reliable recently.

    Beyond that, I'd have to think that any enclosure should work. Get USB 3.0 if you ever want to use it with a computer, but USB 2.0 is plenty fast enough for PVR use. (Actually, I did the math some time ago and if I recall correctly, USB 2.0 is about 8 times faster than what you need for a PVR.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSargent View Post
    Stick with Western Digital drives. Seagate has been much less reliable recently.
    I've heard the same thing. Thanks Mike.

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    Be careful that the enclosure/drive has the right cable. The Dvr does not use the USB port it uses eSATA and its probably not very common to find this nowadays.
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    A big 10-4 on that HammerJoe! You are 100% right about it being hard to find eSATA stuff these days.

    I think I got the last eSATA enclosure available in Canada.
    I just ordered it from "Memory Express" as an "Open Box" (their last one) item.

    Velocity Elite Series 3.5" Enclosure Ver 3, USB 2.0, eSATA, SATA III ES-3500SE-BK-V3 at $24.99

    and a WD 2TB Purple Surveillance Hard Drive, SATA III w/ 64MB Cache at $99.99

    Shipping Charge: $8.99 UPS ground to Ontario

    I got a 5% discount on the "open box" item. I was quite pleased in doing business with ME's Richmond, B.C. store.

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    It was already hard to find one two years ago when I got mine I can only imagine its getting harder.
    I only got a 1TB drive external and a 1TB Internal.
    Not sure if it could use a 2TB external for a total of 3TB because I could use that extra TB.
    Looking back I thought 2TB would be enough and I was wrong, its not, my reciever is constantly over the 95% full status.
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    Cool Love that new 2TB External Drive

    It was so simple to slide the HDD into the enclosure and connect it to the 630. The 630 recognized the new drive and automatically reset itself. After it reset, it asked to reformat the new drive. YES.

    Less than a minute later the 630 went from 69% to 8% filled DVR capacity. So far so good.

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