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Thread: Bell PVR 9241 bad recordings

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    Bell PVR 9241 bad recordings

    Hello. I'm new here .. so this may not be the best forum.
    We have an ongoing and annoying issue with the hard drive on our PVR. Recordings become pixelated and jerky and out of sequence... kind of like a bad stop action animation. Parts of the recording gets lost, and the image breaks up into blocks.
    We have been looking for a reason and solution to this for years ...
    In PCs, this would look like a tired HDD that needs to be defragged and reformated ... can this be done on the 9241? If so instructions would be greatly appreciated.
    If not, is there another solution? Replace HDD? Use the whole thing on a bonfire? A very large paperweight?

    Can we circumvent the problem by adding an external drive?

    ANY help is much appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Call Bell, describe the symptoms, and ask about a replacement. If it's a rental, it won't cost anything. If you own it, they can be very reasonable at time. If need be, remind them that if you cancel and go with Rogers/Shaw/Cogeco they'll give you a brand new PVR for free.


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    First thing to do is a "Check Switch" (Menu, 6, 1, 1).

    If you have had any power outages, this can cause the problems you describe.

    Adding an External Drive will not help at all, as the 9241 only "Archives" to the External Drive, it never records directly to it.

    A replacement under an RMA is around $149, unless you have Dish Care, which costs $7 per month. If you do, you will get the 9241 replaced for free, just the same as if it were a rental unit.

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