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    Smile Shaw Direct New Guide

    I installed the new Shaw Direct HD Guide today. It only took 1/2 to install before I could watch programming again (it takes about another 1/2 hour for the guide to fill up with programming). It is a huge improvement over the old guide. Much more information is displayed for each program - info that is no longer cut off.

    The Shaw Direct HD Guide requires an HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, or HDPVR 630 receiver.

    You will be prompted at some point asking whether or not you want to install the guide. If you decline you will be asked again in 36 hours. However, I highly recommend installing it ASAP - it is well worth it!

    If you miss the Self-serve phase, the guide will be automatically updated on your receivers at 2:10AM local time, based on the following schedule:
    •HDDSR 605: Thursday August 7
    •HDPVR 630: Tuesday August 12-Friday August 15
    •HDDSR 600: Monday August 18-Friday August 22

    The only downside is that if you already have a special Favorite List of Channels it will be deleted during the upgrade. However it is easy to recreate it ... only took me about 10 minutes. Rather than creating individual favourites lists, you can now create up to 8 individual users. Each user can have their own customized channel list, plus their own display settings, preferences, permissions, and parental controls.
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    I agree Bob, it's a vast improvement over the cartoonish looking interface.
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