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Thread: Bravo's Montreal Cop Show "19-2"

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    Thumbs up Bravo's Montreal Cop Show "19-2"

    Bravo's "19-2" is too much for me. I can't take it. If I didn't know about the "language of work" law in Quebec, this Blue Soap Opera may not bug me as much.

    I liked the TV show "The Transporter" set in Paris where all spoke English, not French – not real, but I got over it. Somehow "19-2" riles me to see the Quebec flag behind the boss' desk in an office where everyone in the cop shop speaks only English. The language of the cops on the Montreal streets is English. Are you kidding me?

    If I lived in the USA and knew nothing about Quebec, I might accept the language aspect of it, if I liked gut wrenching personal drama

    I prefer a procedural cop show, just finding the bad guys and putting them away; not the personal turmoil of the cops off the job.

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    Is it the translated version or an all new english production? It's a fabulous show BTW

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    It is not a dubbed into English language show.
    Movements of the lips match the English words that come out of them.

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    It's a brand new English language production.

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