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Thread: Christmas Music Starts on Shaw Nov 5

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    Thumbs up Christmas Music Starts on Shaw Nov 5

    I like Christmas and Christmas music, but not 2 1/2 months of it. It is starting on channel 933, Smooth Jazz Channel this morning, Nov 5. Christmas tunes get more frequent from here.

    Shaw usually spins Xmas tunes well into January. Bah Hamburger

    I wish that for at least one year they would put Kris Kringle tunes on a non-Smooth Jazz channel.

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    Agreed - perhaps get rid of a tropical/latino music channel for the month of December?

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    Angry It is for the retailers

    I think that many TV viewers are exasperated that Galaxie is rushing the Christmas season.

    It is my guess that Galaxie is putting out Christmas music in early November at the behest of retailers that use Galaxie as store background music. Some retailers were putting out Christmas merchandise in September.

    They want people to get in the Christmas buying mood early and buy a lot leading up to "presents delivery day".

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