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Thread: September TMN/HBO Movie Picks

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    September TMN/HBO Movie Picks

    Consult your guide to obtain times and confirm dates.


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    We saw Argo it was pretty good.

    Maybe we'll watch Skyfall again.

    no more Dexter after this. :-( But that's okay thats better than dragging out a show too long.

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    I'm especially looking forward to seeing "Skyfall". I have seen every James Bond movie. I remember watching "Dr. No" when it was first released. Lately I've been watching 007 on my small screen. I've grown to hate fellow theater goers that talk during a movie.

    My brother-in-law considers it part of the theater experience to listen to the comments of others and to make his own comments as a movie progresses. I can understand kids not having manners, but there is no excuse for adult bad behavior.

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    I actually liked SkyFall when I saw it at the movie theatre (without narration from neighbours, thank you very much!)

    Not a typical Bond movie, but the psychological "games" drew me in to the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayguy View Post
    We saw Argo it was pretty good.
    Too bad Canada's role in helping US hostages escape is barely acknowledged....

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    Yes because we get CDN stations we knew how important the Canucks were it is too bad the movie was written from a US guy and didn't give the Canucks enough credit.

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