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Thread: Bell 9241 receiver freezing

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    Bell 9241 receiver freezing

    If your bell 9241 is freezing , even after resetting it several times
    Your hard drive is probably done do to overheating issue.
    If you call Bell support, after an hour , they will tell you, you can purchase a refurbished model for $149,
    But in the mean time you have no TV , false,
    Remove the hard drive from the receiver and everything will work great, but you won't have PVR

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    Quite the sweeping statement for a first post......

    The failure can be due to multiple issues and not always the Drive.

    Bell ship these RMA Units out the same day if the call is made before 4pm EST, and they are shipped Priority Mail, normally arriving next day.

    If you cannot live without TV for 24 to 48 hours then buy a 2nd receiver, just in case.......

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