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    Does anyone know the TRUTH behind the loss of channel 751 (RFO/SPM1) on ShawDirect June 13th around noon? the signal has gone dark, the transponder shows no activity. I am getting the feeling ShawDirect is not being totally honest with where the problem lies, is it from the uplinker? ShawBroadcastServices? or themselves? All I have been told is the signal is lost indefinitely and they point to a transponder issue. it is not an HD signal so surely it can be added to one of their barker transponders? Anyone know what gives?

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    From another forum:

    The problem is that while RFO is approved for carriage in Canada, France has always been against this and tried to block this all along. Canada never negotiated rights to many programs for Canada. Now with encryption, they can block this for good, unless Shaw and Videotron want to get a grey market card (unlikely for obvious reasons) or negotiate something.. Time will tell.

    From their site:
    Le numérique sera diffusé en MPEG4 crypté Viaccess en hertzien :
    En raison des procès intentés par les ayants droits des programmes diffusés sur les chaines de France télévision, celle ci a souhaité que ces programmes ne puissent pas être repris légalement par les réseaux canadiens voisins. Elle a donc demandé à ROM1 de crypter les émissions avec la norme Viaccess.

    The digital feed will be transmited in MPEG4 encrypted Viaccess in OTA:
    Due to to programing rights on the channels from France Television, they have requested that these not be picked up legally by the neighbouring Canadian providers. They have asked ROM1 to encrypt these shows with the standard Viaccess.

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    there is some conflict of belief over that version.

    Yes it is true TF1 was always opposed and even lodged a formal complaint that was denied

    RFO/1ere has very little TF1 content these days (a soap opera maybe)

    with the digitalization someone (Shaw? 1ere (!)) was substituting content for live sporting content being transmitted live on the SPM1 TNT signal
    obviously this had a cost and required some effort to do, so if there was no agreement in place I doubt they would have bothered.

    StarChoice is saying, no, the problem lies solely with one of their transponders and the signal is to come back. In twitter some talk has been it could be back as early as this weekend.

    The proof would be has the signal disappeared off of Videotron as well? And was the signal acquired for rebroadcast from the ShawDirect transponder in question or was it taken from the C band uplink. I'm not in the know so I can't answer that...... but it would be the question to ask...

    It is very possible that the problem lies as you suggest at the source of the uplink, and yes a normal TNT card could be acquired on SPM to give access to that but its unlikely (as you suggest) that would be done without some agreement.

    Having the signal distributed in Canada has always been seem by the SP&M politicians as a good thing. And when the signal went digital it was reaffirmed at the time it would continue to be available... but maybe that policy has changed... lets hope not!

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    Hi everybody we dont parlez French but we get ch. 751 if that helps. We're in California.

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