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Thread: New Shaw Direct Dish - Installation Problem

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    New Shaw Direct Dish - Installation Problem

    I have a dish at my trailer location. Winds cracked the dish on my tripod set-up. Shaw sent me a new dish, this time 75 cm. I thought I was having alignment problems because I couldn't find the signal which I usually do because I take down the dish in the fall and set up again in the spring which I had done in early May just prior to the incident.

    Not having success, I decided to connect to my neighbour's dish. I then received a signal but the picture/signal would just flash on and off, with the signal going from about 70 to 12. It's an older SD receiver - 305. I then took the receiver home and it works perfectly.

    All 3 dishes - home, neighbour at trailer and new dish have the upgraded LNB. Having hooked up to the neighbour's dish seems to explain why I was not able to align my dish. Receiver is OK. What's left? I tried troubleshooting with SD but they are useless. I was transferred to 4 reps and these bozos just repeat all the same steps, including a factory reset on the box. No wonder the phone lines are jammed.

    The only thing left really is the cabling but what could be wrong since it previously worked?

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    I could only suggest checking the ends, maybe some water has got in them and there is corrosion?

    Is the LNBF the same at all 3 locations? Seam to recall that Shaw need to know some number of the LNBF for the correct channel mapping.

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