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Thread: ATSC Tuners? In all HDTVs??

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    Post ATSC Tuners? In all HDTVs??

    Hi guys.. doing some renovations at home, would like to buy some small flat panel TV for the boy's room..

    Question to the experts.. do all TVs have ATSC tuners? It seems very difficult to discern if they are still built-in, it doesn't seem that this is mentioned in the specs anymore!!

    Also, will be distributing the OTA signal to 3 TVs, would like to know if this can be done without boosting the signal?

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    The following is from:

    QUOTE: The FCC order (FCC No. 02-230) mandates technology standards, and sets deadlines for compliance with those standards, for all but the smallest TV sets. The order requires that by 2007 all TV sets capable of receiving over the air signals with screen sizes larger than thirteen inches and all TV receiving equipment, such as videocassette recorders (VCRs) and digital versatile disk (DVD) players and recorders, include digital television (DTV) reception capability.

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    I'm no expert,but I know that UHF frequencies roll-off much more quickly than lower VHFfrequencies on RG-6 cable.
    I've experienced that problem in trying to get the feed from my antenna to otherlocations in the house.

    I suggest that you will need a good strong UHF amplifier to a 3-way splitter or a distribution amplifier that feeds long lengths of cable.

    Here is a start:

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