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Thread: My November TMN/HBO Picks

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    Post My November TMN/HBO Picks

    Check your guide to obtain times and comfirm dates.

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    Ross we havent gotten around to trying Hunted have you seen it? How is it?

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    We missed "Hunted" the first time around so we are recording the first 3 episodes tonight, November 3.

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    We watched and caught up to date with "Hunted". I generally don't like English shows, but the actors speak understandably in this show. This is a BBC production with Cinemax. I suppose that we can thank Cinemax involvement to keep the dialog spoken in Queen's English.

    I think that we will continue to record it, but I would give it a C-. The show is dark and overcast like the weather at the location of the show.

    It has enough action to keep us interested, but the backstory about the tortured soul of the heroine gets to be too much.

    The bosses portrayed in the show come across as typically stratified British upper class. The show is darkly melodramatic.
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