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Thread: Shaw Direct 630 - new 8.26 Software

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    Shaw Direct 630 - new 8.26 Software

    Oct 24 this morning I noticed that my HDD % went from 69% last night to 48% this morning. All of my timers are intact and recordings are still there. I checked the software version and found that it is now 8.26.

    I discovered that I can now schedule more than one auto-tune event (just like a recording event), like I could do with my old 530.

    It would be nice if Shaw would send a msg telling what changes are in newly downloaded software.

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    Im still waiting for my receiver to be targeted
    [b]Show me the money![/b]

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    The cool thing about the new software is the ability to connect an external harddrive to the 630!!

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    I am still occasionally get recorded shows that can't be watched only deleted that show as 700+ minutes in length. Deleting does not alter the % of HDD occupied.
    I also still have the jump ahead 30 seconds at the start of viewing a recorded show which fortunately is easily fixed by backing up the recording to the start.

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