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Thread: How to flush PVR HD (Shaw) was:pvr at 75 percent capacitie with three shows

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    Lightbulb How to flush PVR HD (Shaw) was:pvr at 75 percent capacitie with three shows

    I only have three shows 1 30 min show and one 60 min show and 1 2 hour show show and i'm at 75 percent comacities early today the pvr was empty and I was at 73 percent, whats going on? did shaw download vod into my system I'm unable to see to delete?

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    I'm assuming you have a DSR 630? If so you will have to do a PVR FLUSH. This will bring up a list of shows that you thought you deleted but for some reason they didn't delete. They just stayed hidden all this time. Doing the PVR FLUSH will remove all your recording timers you've set but will preserve your recordings. You will get a warning screen before you perform the the Flush but go ahead and DELETE and then delete all those old hidden shows that are taking up your harddrive space. Then reset your timers and you should be set to go and your hard drive indicator on the PVR List should be back to normal levels.

    To perform this PVR FLUSH press OPTIONS-9 (even though there is no option 9) and then press 7-8-7-3-5-8-7-4. Read the warning screen and then press DELETE to clean up the drive. Then delete all those old shows.

    The PVR FLUSH is NOT the same as a Factory Reset so it won't screw up your channel mapping and wiil not take forever to reload your programming guide.

    Good Luck.

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    thankyou, it pulled up a bunch of shows I THOUGHT were deleted from the system? why didnt these shows delete? what causes them to stay in the system?

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    Apparently these are corrupted shows/files which the 630 is not able to figure out what to do with. The PVR FLUSH basicly flushes them out so you can remove them manually. Were you able to delete these shows/files and did your HDD indicator return to a normal level? It's annoying having to go back in and reprogram your timers but it should be along time before you have to do another PVR Flush. Incidentlly if you ever forget what series of numbers to punch in the next time it just spells out OPTIONS-9-PVRFLUSH on the remote control.

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    Just an update on the corrupt program problem... Shaw Direct is aware of the problem and have fixed it however, they won't release a fix until the next software update. I suspect this will occur close to the new satellite launch at the end of the year. In the meantime they recommend just using the Disk Management feature and let the 630 delete old shows that aren't protected when new ones are recorded.

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    This is a great thread. Thanks, GaryE!

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    So I thought... hence why it is pinned!

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    When will Shaw fix this issue,ts getting realy tiresome having to do a flush and reproming the shows that were allready programed twice.

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    Shaw Direct is currently rolling out new software over the next couple of weeks. Version 8.26. Look for your receiver to be Targeted soon. This should fix this problem as SD found the problem shortly after releasing the current version (7.33) but had said would not be releasing the fix until a new version is pushed out. There will also be some improvements in the VOD menu and the external harddrive should be activated with this release aswell.
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    I have the same Motorola HDPVR 630 and have previously done this flush with excellent results, thank you!! However, I received an update to the system a few months ago & now the Options screen is quite different, and this flush does not work the same. Does anyone know how to do the flush with the new operating system Shaw has put in place? My hard drive seems like it is much too full for what I actually have saved to it, also I have having problems with the unit resetting itself nearly daily now.

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