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Thread: Bell Upgrading 9200's

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    Question Bell Upgrading 9200's

    I got a letter from Bell TV today telling me that they are going to upgrade my 9200 "for free". Since I bought my 9200 outright 6 years ago, I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me on this program? What reciever are they replacing the 9200's with? What am I gaining, or losing? Is it really "free", or are they going to try to start charging me a monthly fee?

    Any details would be appreciated, before I call them. That way I can ensure that they don't pull a fast one on me.


    P.S. It's a shame that when dealing with these Canadian media giants you feel you have to arm yourself to avoid getting screwed. It's the same with Rogers whenever I need to do anything with my cell phone. But let's keep that rant as a separate thread and keep this thread about the 9200 replacement.

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    I'm surprised you got your letter so late?

    This has been going on for sometime.

    From my understanding you will get a 9241(all 9242's)apparently BTV is out of stock.You get to keep yur 9200 all though it wil de-activated, but you still can use it for OTA channels.

    This is because BTV is going MPEG4. 9200's user get either a 9242 or a 9241. Those with a 6100 will get a 6131.

    Once the "swap" is complete BTV will switch to MPEG4 for HD Channels.

    I can't comment if BTV will put a "fee' on a PVR or not but you will get a free 9241 most likely.
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    Due to the shortage of 9242's for people who used their 9200's as a 2 room solution, Bell will actually ship a 9241 & a 5900 if you say that was how you used the 9200. A Technician will also be rolled out to install both units if you want, all at no charge.

    I do not see any PVR fees in the future but things change all the time.

    You get the advantage of being able to add an External drive to your new 9241 to allow for archiving of your HD recordings.

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    Just curious where do you buy these "external hard Drives"? At a Bell Store? from BTV? or a computer store?

    How do you hook these up to your 9241 or a 6131?
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    1. Anywhere that sells an EHD.
    2. The USB Port.

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    So I called Bell and set things up. They are going to mail me the two new receivers, and they have to schedule an installer to come here. So as soon as the receivers arrive, I'll hook them up myself, call in to activate the receivers, and then cancel the installer. Worst case, I'll wait for the installer to arrive, and send him on his way.


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    I installed my new 9241 last night (what a pain having to manually copy favourites and worse yet timers).

    I notice it can be connected to the Internet. That's easy for me to do, but I'm wondering what features that provides. The manuals seem to be silent on that. Is this something I would want to hook up (or is it like the phone line which was mostly there just so Bell could check up on people)?

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    With the Internet connection you can access the PVR from a smart phone etc.

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    You might want to let the installer come. He upgraded the dish to the Dish Pro Plus LNB's.

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