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Thread: Shaw Direct 630 7.33 Update

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    Question Shaw Direct 630 7.33 Update

    Overnight June 18, 2012 my Shaw Direct DVR630 received a software update #7.33 from exisiting 6.22.

    What new features and fixes did the new update address?

    How is the update numbering scheme determined by Shaw?

    I thought that minor changes to software would be non-integer increments, but a major update would eliminate the non-integer number and increment by 1. In other words, why did Shaw go to 7.33 rather than 7.0?

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    Mostly the new Video On Demand feature, which is a bit crude in its current state, but functional. You can get at it via your quick menu (and probably other ways I haven't discovered).


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    You can also press the "D" key on the ShawDirect remote to get access to the VOD. A few less key presses than the Menu key. One of the other major fixes is the Map Status on the System Status screen now completes as the Trip Count moves up. Before it used to just kept trying to "Load..." which used up processor power. Now that that is fixed scrolling through the guide and setting up programs takes abit less time. Other than the VOD there really isn't any new features for the 630.

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    Thanks for the explanation.

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