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Thread: New Whole Home PVR from Rogers

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    New Whole Home PVR from Rogers

    YES!! IT WORKED Not neccesarily in the order I wanted but it worked YES!!

    Engine types 002.jpg

    Engine types.jpg

    Engine types 003.jpg

    Engine types 001.jpg

    Rogers is set to introduce a Whole Home PVR

    I hope these pics work?
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    I have a Rogers Net Box 2.0.

    My comments are about the new interface. Although it looks very nice, unfortunately, I have a difficult time enjoying its new abilities.

    There are a number of sticking points:
    1. After almost every interaction, involving recording etc, the interface completes it's work and then puts up an OK prompt. Really? This prompt just slows things down. It is not helpful in any way.
    2. You can no longer step forward or back. I used to really enjoy this as a way to see strange things in the background of a scene.
    3. When programming the unit to record shows, it insists or returning to the current channel and show. Why the heck would anyone want to do this? In order to program an evening, you want to stay on the same programming segment after setting it. That way, you can easily move to the next one to program it as part of the evening. The old interface only popped you back if you canceled a recording. This one only leaves you there if you cancel. I suggest that it never force you back.
    4. The new interface does not allow you to skip forward and back in 15 minute intervals.

    The general point here is this:
    Why did the programming team choose to build an interface that is substantially inferior to the existing one? Didn't anyone think to use the predecessor before designing the new one?
    I'm not talking about improving the interface, I'm just talking about matching the existing one.

    If they had wanted to make something better, I used one of the original Direct TV interfaces years ago. It was better back then than this is now. I can only assume that if anyone bothered to review the current state of the art in the field of DVR design, they would have come up with something head and shoulders better than this thing!

    I'm sorry to be so blunt, but this kind of thing is stupid. It's like someone coming up with a 12 sided stone "wheel" to replace a 14 sided one after wooden wheels were in wide use. You would think someone would say something! Hence, my comments here.

    What do you think?

    Bruce A. Knack

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    I like the old IPG lettering.


    For those that have a visual disability the print is way to small to read.

    I don't like the way you need to schedule a recordiing. The old way was better.

    Way to slow in changing channelsand sometimes it doesn't registar when punching in channerl numbers.

    I'm glad I only rented come OCT BYE-BYE Rogers
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    You coming back to Shaw Direct? Nice contrasting colourful guide with large print. Or you going back to Bell?

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    Going back to Bell. Having it installed today. But this time around only renting & only 4 receivers. 1 HD PVR 9241(I think) & 3 HD receivers(6400 or 6131 I believe, not sure which the installer will bring).

    The issue is on choice is french programing. As BTV offers way more channels in french then SD does and when your wife is french & your kids are bilingual that makes the difference. If I was by myself not really sure if I would go back to SD or still choose BTV, as I don't really speak french that well or understand it somewhat.

    True SD has a colourful guide and is more easier to read then Rogers. From my understanding(from what I heard)BTV guide has changed somewhat, don't know if thats true or not haven't seen a BTV IPG in 5 years?
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