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Thread: Shaw 630 skips need software upgrade

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    Unhappy Shaw 630 skips need software upgrade

    We watch a lot of TV, almost all of it recorded from our Shaw Direct PVR630. We noticed that the start of some shows at their start would skip ahead 30 seconds. It became more noticeable and would also start to skip ahead at the end of shows. Performing a warm restart (holding on/off button on panel) fixed the problem.

    This sounds like a software problem that should be addressed in the next update

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    That sounds alot like that you might have the Closed captioning on. Turn it off when you are not using the receiver.
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    Thank you, sir. It may be a problem, but I selected the off option for closed captions when I got the unit, after power failures, and the warm re-start. Maybe I forgot to do it one time ???

    Since the warm re-start, I have had no skip problems.

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    Red face

    An update: Since the warm re-start, I have not had a problem. It was a one-time event.

    I really enjoy the 630. I am not the sharpest tool in the box so it took me a while to figure out how to use all of the recording features. Maybe it is just me, but the booklet of instructions was not clear enough for me.

    Perhaps it is too expensive, but I think that Shaw should produce an instructional DVD to pack with their equipment. They seem to have the in-house production facilities, but maybe the expense of getting the DVD's manufactured in large quantity would cost too much.

    Maybe I am the only guy that would have appreciated a "630 for Dummies" video.

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    They probably would mess that too seeing how they manage to mess with the 630.
    Last update was a huge improvement but the unit suffers tremendously when the disk gets too full.
    I like the idea of watching shows and just let the unit delete it when it needs space but the machine chokes when the disk is full.
    Sloppy software.
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    I have yet to go past 40% HDD capacity. Something to look forward to.

    Now that my old SD TV is experiencing "vertical foldover" of the picture, I have been recording HD rather than SD programs.

    As expected, I notice that HD takes up more space. Being retired and a big fan of television, I watch the recordings almost as fast as I record them on an on-going basis. I hope that I don't get the HDD too full to get those problems that you mention.

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    Unhappy Again

    My 630 again started to skip forward a bit upon the start of playback.
    Soft re-boot fixed it - again.

    This is a recurring problem - not major, but it is a bug.

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    I wonder if we are going to get anymore firmware updates... and if theres new hardware in the horizon...
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    I had to do a soft re-boot yesterday. Recordings started to skip 30 forward at the beginning of the shows again. The panel push of the on/off button restart fixed it again.

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