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    Remote controls

    I still have my One For All Cinema 6 and Cinema 7 remotes. Needless to say, after more than 12 years they are showing some age. I've always been impressed by how well they work and what they can do. At only $20 I can't imagine a better purchase.

    What is the new wonder kid of remotes without breaking the bank?

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    Logitech Harmony One.

    Highly recommended. (Oh, and frequently found on sale for considerably less than list.)


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    Costco still has them in-store for $180, but I noticed the numbers are dwindling. Not on though. :-(

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    Any of the Harmony remotes wouldn't be a downgrade from your One for Alls. Being able to custom program the remote's buttons on the PC sure beats having to "learn" the codes from the original remotes. I also haven't used up all the memory in my Harmony (550) like I did with my Cinema 6.

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    You can program many OneForAll remotes from your computer. Mind you, it is unsupported from the manufacturer, you need to buy or build the interface cable, and there is a bit of a learning curve to do it well. There is a fairly decent user community, which also has developed a database of upgrades.

    That all would be the OneForAllJP1 forum at .

    Myself, I have been using those remotes for almost 10 years. I have used as my main remote:
    Cinema 6 (URC6800)
    URC8820 (current).
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    Harmony 1's were down to $175 last time we walked through Costco.


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    did you find a remote?
    I have a Boston Acoustics A7RC (Phillips Pronto TSu 501 clone) with about 3 hours use I'd sell with the programming cable (hooks to a serial port...) and a link to the instructions for 30 dollars plus shipping.
    It turns out I hate touchscreens.
    It has a monochrome touchscreen, you can draw your own screen surface - but the programming process is kinda "notchy", it's not Phillips best software programming package as far as intuitiveness goes.
    Decent hacking support, and software available to convert Pronto CCF's to compatible hex strings.

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