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Thread: BBC Radio1 and the Score are going going gone from Sirius

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    BBC Radio1 and the Score are going going gone from Sirius

    BBC statement via tweet link as follows:

    Date: 10.08.2011
    The BBC’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide has been in partnership with SIRIUS Satellite Radio to broadcast Radio 1 on their main network, since 2005. This agreement has now unfortunately come to an end and BBC Worldwide are in current discussions with the satellite radio station to find ways to continue to bring popular music channel, BBC Radio 1, to the US audience. We will keep you posted.


    The SCORE will be gone in September. This is the only channel that gives sports scores on our radios in text form.

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    BBC1 will be replaced as of Monday morning with Studio 54 radio. The Strobe disappeared but disco returns to Sirius/Xm with Studio 54. Hardly a decent replacement for BBC1 but classic dance and disco fans will be happy.

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