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Thread: A DSR530 question for the electronics techs/hobbyists

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    A DSR530 question for the electronics techs/hobbyists

    Hi Gents;

    I picked up a dead DSR530 and I am in the process of (for asthetic reasons) of swapping out the front panel from the 530 and installing it onto my functioning 505. My new HT reciever is black, and has blue LED's so I am trying to match display colours. The weather here sux today so I figured I would start the project.

    I have dismantled the 505 and used Plasti-dip rubber spray to paint the front panel and metal cover black to match the rest of my HT system. If I don't like it it peels right off like rubber without damage to the body underneath. Cool stuff.

    Next I have repositioned the wires onto the proper pins for the different main board connector for the front panel, but I am curious if anyone knows where I could find a schematic diagram for the main boards of the 530 and the 505. The Blue LED's on the 530 need a higher voltage (approx 4V) to drive them than the orange LED's (approx 2V) on the 505, so I am trying to find out what resistor/resistors I need to change to deliver 4 volts to the blue LED's on the 530 display panel. At least if I could find out the pin outs for the connector on the 505 I could determine the drive wires for the display and work backwards. Everything works fine at the moment but the display is dim, needing the higher drive voltage.

    Thanks guys, its a fun project!


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    I don't think it is too hard, just trace the traces on the PCB.

    If the front is a separate PCB, then it should simpy be plug and play. Current limiting should be on the front PCB. If it s like the older receivers, they use stock logic chips to mux keys and the indicators.

    Pictures would be nice.
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    Yeah, I should'a thought of that. I was so excited about the project that I snapped everything back together and in the cabinet...kid in a Candy store thing.

    The front panel board is identical between the 505 and the 530, they simply mounted blue LED's inplace of the orange ones. However the connector that plugs into the main board is a single row 12 pin on the 505, and a 2 row six pin on the 530. The wires off the front panels are identical, so it was simple to migrate the single pin connector from the 505 front panel onto the 530 front panel wires. Since the boards are identical, I am assuming the drive voltage for the LED's is on the main board, or the LED's would already be at the proper brightness. Turning the display brightness to max in the menu helps quite a bit, but is still unreadable in any daylight. When I take the cover off again I am going to trace the 12 pins on the connector to see if any of them show a voltage change when switching between dim and bright on the display settings. That may help to trace back.

    The black plasti-dip spray worked awesome. If I can find my wifes camera, I will snap a picture of it in its cabinet.

    Thanks, Rick

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