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Thread: ShawDirect 410 receiver reset

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    ShawDirect 410 receiver reset

    What is the code to bring up the 'hidden' menu for the receiver reset?
    It's been a long time since I've had to use it and I can't remember what it is...

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    For a Factory reset, my notes have this procedure. I have never used it so at your own risk;

    Step #1: : Locate & press the OPTIONS button on your satellite remote control.
    Step #2: : Press #6, 4, 7, 9, 8 9. After you press these combination of numbers, you will get a hidden menu.
    Step #3:
    : Select FACTORY_RESET.
    Step #4:
    : Select CONFIRM.
    After, doing this factory reset, let the receiver turn back on. Then, you have to phone: Shaw Direct, to get, channel up once again.
    As you probably, know, its number is 1 888 554 7827

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    That sequence doesn't work.
    I need the reset for the old model receivers.

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    Its been to long for me to remember as well, but it is simular..

    Maybe option 64778?

    Why not call Shawdirect and ask them?
    [B][I]Dealer and installer for ShawDirect and Xplornet.[/I][/B]

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    Just got off the phone with Shaw Direct.
    Two dead receivers to be replaced.

    Factory reset is
    Options 6 7 7 8

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    Well glad you got there in the end.....

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