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    Question redirect

    I run IE8 on a Windows XP machine. All MS stuff is updated regularly.

    I have been a (formerly member for years. Scripps bought in 2007 and recently renamed it

    The last few days the website has become unavailable to me. Sometimes the Address Bar shows this:

    Sometimes it just shows "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

    What is happening?

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    As an FYI I get to using firefox 3.6.13
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    Smile Problem Solved

    A fellow on a local bulletin board logged on and noted that there were a number of people that had the same problem as me. It was suggested that deleting cookies might fix the problem. The local guy suggested that Scripps is getting confused with my logged in cookie and is trying to access multiple Scripps websites at the same time.

    Long story short, I had way too many temporary internet files and cookies. I deleted everthing. Doing so allowed me to access again. I will have to rebuild my preferences, but that is small potatoes.

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