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Thread: Second Go with Linux

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    Ubuntu 10.10 is even better than 10.04. after running the new version for a couple of weeks now I'm staying put with Ubuntu. 10.10 is rock solid and stable.
    When I ran PS3 Media Server under Vista it would choke streaming HD video via wireless after a couple of minutes.
    I run the same windows version under Wine 1.2.1 and I had only a couple of pauses after 40 minutes of continuous streaming when my laptop went to low power mode.
    I do have some mouse issues gaming under Wine I still need to figure out though, other than that it's all been pretty good.
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    The LINUX version of PS3 Mediaserver works just as easily. No need to install it in WINE. I currently have it installed on unRAID as a plugin along with Subsonic and Transmission for Bit Torrent. Ubuntu 10.10 is quite nice, I like it alot but am still using Windows 7 for some strange reason?!? I will install 10.10 soon I am just being lazy.

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    I've recently switched to Linux Mint. It's Ubuntu based and has a more polished Gnome desktop and more repositories. I may try the Linux version of PS3 media server on it since for some reason I could never get it to work under Ubuntu. The latest Linux Google Earth works like a charm too under Mint.
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    I have Ubuntu 10.10 here someplace to try, but 10.04 is my service version, because it is a long term support.

    Google, VLC, and the regular stuff I use was easy to install on 10.04.
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