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Thread: Google and cookies.

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    Google and cookies.

    I mention cookies again. I am not a fan of web cookies and this just confirms my thoughts.

    Google backpedals on IP 'anonymization' claim

    Google introduced its current data retention policy in the fall of 2008, and it was actually implemented sometime before the November of 2009. Google has always claimed that under the new policy, it "anonymizes" IPs - even though it doesn't. After 9 months, Google merely erases the last eights bits from IPs in server logs for search and other services that don't require sign-in. And as Soghoian has pointed out, if a cookie stays intact for 18 months, then restoring those missing eight bits is trivial. Though Google erases the bits on your nine-month-old search queries, they remain intact on your newer queries - and both sets of queries carry the same cookie info.

    If you have any issues with privacy, then you may want to think about deleting your cookies.

    And with the changes to this site, I hope that they set it up to allow the user to set the theme as part of their settings and not depend on cookies. I delete my cookies on logout or browser closing.

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