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Thread: Does your anti-virus work?

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    My Anti Virus is call Linux and it work like a charm!
    Mine too.

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    Windows has more virus than a Mac cause there are more Window users. All anti-virus has some security flaws but some more than others. I used Norton before but it took up wayyyyyyyyy to much resources so I turn to McAfee is a bit better but still has it's flaws.
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    Perhaps I've been lucky, but I'm getting by with the free version of AVG... Everyone in the family knows that you don't click on unknown links in e-mails or open file from people taht you don't know... And always run the latest version of Firefox with noscript...

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    AVG Free here as well, it has worked for me since I gave up on the Norton Bloatware several years ago

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    Microsoft Security Essentials here on my Windows boxes.

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    My anti virus is best then others,it is more protect my PC.

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