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Thread: External harddrive compatability

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    External harddrive compatability

    Can any external harddrive be used with my Motorola DCT 3416 PVR... or does it have to come from Shaw... maybe with some software pre-installed? I was told by Shaw Help that I can purchase their external drive and it would work but I didn't think to ask if I could buy any brand of HD off the store shelf.
    Thanks for any info.

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    It needs to be an eSATA external drive, which rules out most of the external drives out there. eSata drives are not hard to find but are not as common as USB only drives. Any decent name brand eSATA case and 3.5" SATA drive should work. WD and Seagate sell eSata external drives as well.

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    Any esata drive that has power management will not work. The drive has to run
    constantly for it to work with the Motorola pvr.

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    Thermaltake makes a nice drive carrier that will work with IDE or SATA drives and has eSata and USB support. It would then allow you to use what ever drive you wish. There is also an adapter that allows you to just plug a bare drive into it. This would allow an easy change from one drive to another when one is full.

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    Any esata drive that has power management will not work.
    That depends on how the power management is implemented. Some, if not most, drives do it correctly. That is, they recognize power management signals and commands from the PC/PVR. Others have an internal "power down on idle" timer that puts the drive into standby when it wants to. They won't work.

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