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Thread: What do you recommend???

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    Hi Dede.

    Your corrections on my above words are correct. I'm still learning the "new technology / new terminology" on our home's new HD TV system.

    The few things the Tech installer would NOT do is remove / reinstall the basement ceiling tiles and blindly drill the new hole (for thicker cable) into the side of my house. Using a thick black marker, I had to draw a large black dot - on where to drill the new hole. And, he didn't want to remove and re-install our old ceiling tiles either (just in case they broke). He didn't use fasteners for thick cable wire either. He suggested that I could (if I wanted to) install fasteners every 4 feet - along the thicker coax cable - where its seen in our basement utility room ceiling. I suppose if I wasn't around (re: only my wife was home that morning), he would do blind hole drilling and ceiling tile in/outs. Even with my help, it still took us 2 hours to complete the physical install. Guess he "earned his wages" this day (at my house).


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    installed a new electronic module - at the wall plate.
    The multi-switch?
    A power inserter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I_Want_My_HDTV View Post
    A power inserter?
    Yes. Dish brand - Video Switch Power Inserter.

    Items the Tech installed are shown in:


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