Hi Dede.

Yes. I belong to several different forums. I'm sure many folks on this forum also belong to 3+ other forums as well. Thus, allowing lots of different opions / solution ideas. Its called "power of the internet". LOL!!!

Remote Control on a Switch box? Its remote would be lost within 5 days (at most). Besides that, a "remote control" unit has way too many buttons. My son is disabled. Less buttons and "larger buttons" the better. In my house, I have a large key telephone. Its keys are the size of dimes. Thus, easy to see and easy to hit (with fingers). Back to basics - like the good old days. Remote Control with traditional small buttons is "too much" for my needs. The RCA switch box with buttons on its front panel work great. No need to make something more complex - then it needs to. Especially for kids (and their special needs).

Again. Thanks for your help...