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    Question Dvi

    I helped my very non-technical neighbor install a replacement Starchoice (oops, Shaw Direct) DSR505 from their ancient Broken Saw Direct receiver. They are working with Channel 3 and I connected the new 505 the same way.

    Their TV is a huge RCA rear projection TV mounted in furniture which places the TV so as the rear panel is inaccessible.

    The 505 looks just like my 530 DVR. I assume that it has the same DVI-D Dual Link connector.

    To get to the TV set will require a fair bit of effort that I think that the neighbors may regret if the connector on the back of the TV is not compatible with the 505.

    Is it possible to get a cable to match the RCA and the 505?

    Your opinions are solicited.

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    The DSR505 has the DVI port. See the starchoice web page:
    See near the bottom of the page the link "DSR505 HD connections"
    And from that page:
    Raccordement de votre RSN
    Make sure that the satellite receiver is not plugged
    into a power source before you connect any cables
    to the receiver. First connect the satellite input from
    your satellite dish to your receiver.
    There are several ways to connect your DSR to
    your television or monitor and other home theater
    Video: Utilize the modulated RF output (good),
    Composite video output (better), S-Video output
    (best for standard definition), Component video
    outputs (better for high definition) or HDTV DVI
    output (best for high definition) to connect the DSR
    directly to your television, VCR, and home theater
    A/V receiver.

    And from the spec sheet:

    Standard DVI Spec rev 1.0
    Termination resistance ± 10% 50 W
    VH ± 5% 3.3 V (typical)
    VL ± 5% 2.8 V (typical)
    Connector DVI-D

    It does not mention if that is a DVI-D single link or DVI-D dual link?

    Now, what connections does the RCA TV have?

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    Smile Component Video HD

    Thanks for the reply, Larry. We are unable to see the back of the TV to know what kind of connectors are back there due to its position in furniture.
    My DSR530 has DVI-D Dual Link, I assume that the 505 has the same.

    So component video is HD compliant and will display at least 720 resolution? That is good news.

    I have a 1986 35" CRT TV, but I am learning stuff now about HD for future reference, thanks to our neighbors situation.

    The lady's husband will be back in town this week-end, he may decide to move the furniture to take a look back there, but he is not much of a TV fan.

    I told the lady that she should find the TV manual and take it to the local Starchoice (Saw Direct) dealer in the village where she bought the 505 and ask for an appropriate cable. Then ask her husband to make the connections. He is a licensed electrician.

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    The receiver should have come with component and DVI cables, some with DVI-DVI (such as mine), others with DVI-HDMI.
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    Component Video

    The neighbors' DSR505 came with only component rca terminated cables; no DVI cable - at the time that I looked. Maybe it was somewhere not visible to me while I was there.

    Is component video designed to carry 720+ digital tv video?

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    If you can find the model # of the TV, Google might be able to help you see what it has on the rear by way of connections.

    Also, Component will carry up to 1080i signals, the only thing they will not carry is 1080p, for those signals you will require DVi or HDMI.

    Not to worry though, there is, as yet, no Sat receiver in Canada, that requires 1080p.

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    Thanks. I suppose that is why Shaw Direct packed component cables as the lowest HD common denominator. I thought what was packed were one composite plus 2 audio rca cables.

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    They packed a Red/White/Yellow cable as well as a R/G/B component cable.

    The DVI cable may be in a box.
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