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Thread: Bell 9242 PVR issues

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    Bell 9242 PVR issues

    We recently purchased a Bell 9242 PVR and are experiencing a few issues. The first is that our PIP is not working. We are in single mode like the owner's manual says we should be so I'm not sure why it's not working. The owner's manual doesn't really address anything regarding PIP. Also, when we set the timer to record, it shows in the daily schedule as being completed by User 2 but it does not show up in the PVR list and it also gives the message "Signal Loss Detected." I'm wondering if it has something to do with the transponder because when we try to tape one show and watch another it goes to the screen "please wait for satellite signal" and it keeps going through transponder after transponder but never seems to find the right one. Any ideas of what we can do?

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    You do have TWO satellite feeds into the back of your 9242, right? Any blue lights on the front of your 9242?


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    We only have one feed into the back of the 9242. There are no blue lights on the front. There is a switch installed outside for the two satellite feeds and we have two other receivers in the house that are hooked up to it as well. The two other receivers are older Bell models and work fine. There is a small silver box that seems to be a connection between the line coming in and the line going out into the PVR.

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    You need to have two satellite feeds into the 9242. It's a dual tuner PVR, and it only works properly with both attached. The small silver box is likely the power injector for the switch. You need to run a second line from your switch to the second satellite feed on the back of the 9242.


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    Thanks for your help. That makes total sense. When the guy installed the new dish we told him that we had a cable feed still connected so I think he was concerned about leaving that intact in case we lost our satellite signal and needed to switch to cable. But if that means sacrificing the features of the PVR which is the reason we got it then we can definitely lose the cable feed. Thanks again.

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    You might want to check that cable feed cable is RG6, not RG59. Also, was this a Bell professional install? If so, he should have given you both feeds. I would call Bell and complain bitterly (again, assuming this was a Bell installation).


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    Two feeds (one for each tuner) is a basic 9242 installation and is pretty much mandatory for the 9242 to work correctly. Cable and satellite can travel on the same RG6 by using diplexers. In theory, a 9242 and cable can be fed with a single RG6 by using DPP equipment and diplexers. There is no need to lose the cable signal, even if a second/third RG6 cannot be run. The installer should have installed two RG6s to the 9242. Bell installation includes two RG6 feeds to the 9242 and an optional RG6 to a second TV for the second TV feed from the 9242.

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    Even though I have a 9200 the same principle applies, I have 2 feeds going to the receiver but one of them has a diplexer to feed the RF out for tuner 2 back up the cable to the garage where all my house cables and dish wires meet where the other diplexer is connected so I can run every other tv in the house on tuner 2. You could use a diplexor and splitter to feed other tvs in the house and still have pip on your main set if you are limited in cable runs.
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