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Thread: *C Pixelation on CTV (293)

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    *C Pixelation on CTV (293)

    Hi -

    I notice that on *C 293 (supposedly HD) I get **lots** of pixellation at times - but when I watch the same show (CSI or Law & Order for example) on the US-Based channel the picture quality is improved substantially.

    I have a DSR505 hooked up to a Panasonic TH50Pz77 plasma via monoprice DVI-HDMI cables.

    Any ideas of where the PQ degradation is coming from ?

    - CTV's rebroadcast of the show ?
    - *C has more bandwidth allocated to the US channel ?

    Is this worth mentioning to *C or is this degradation something they are doing by design due to too much comression ?


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    Hmm...You should watch the US network's content in HD...not that CTV HD stuff....up and back to the satellites an extra time
    [i][b]MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Big 10 Network HD, & Speed HD available on ShawDirect, not available on Bell[/b][/i]

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    This degradation of picture quality on CTV-HD has been going on since Day One of it being added to *C. I'm pretty sure *C is aware of the problem but just don't seem willing to find a fix. I haven't really seen any complaints from ExpressVu or Rogers customers about CTV-HD so I'm assuming it is a *C problem.

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    Definitely a StarChoice problem. Don't get me wrong, CTV-HD isn't the best HD PQ BUT it is much better via Cable and OTA.

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    I could remove CTVHD from the guide. I have never tuned into that station. Everything i would watch is broadcasts is on the U.S. station anyway.

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    Thanks for the info....

    Thanks for the info - at least I know that this is not something unique to my set-up. I think I will at least register a complaint with Starchoice on this - the PQ is so poor on CTV 293 that sometimes it is worse than SDTV on other channels.

    On the other hand - I get Excellent HQ picture quality on National Geographic, HD-Net, and Discover well as most of the US networks.

    It is a shame that CTV -" Canadian Television" is nothing more than a low-quality/degraded rebroadcast of the US least we are not forced to watch this crap via sim-sub on HD !!

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