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Thread: FTA/ C Bnad info needed please

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    FTA/ C Bnad info needed please

    I currently have an 10 ft C Band with the VideoCypher II board and only the c-band lnb, that I used to subscribe with a year or so ago, but have since gone to Bell Express so it's been sitting idle. Lately I have been thinking of buying a Viewsat Ultra and trying to gear it up to recieve the free channels it has to offer. Can someone tell me what I need to buy and what's involved with gearing the BUD up and get it tuned in to FTA? Also some Canadian links to suppliers of any gear I need to buy? Thanks

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    You can click the ad link at the top of the page. Kusat has everything you need. I bought mine from them. Good people.

    Some of the Pansat receivers have the connections on the back to hook up the wires from the servo motor that changes the polarity on your C Band dish. I think the only one left in current production is the 3500 model. This will let the DVB receiver change the polarity from H to V on it's own. If you are not using the VCII system at all any more you'll find this much more handy. If your C Band feedhorn doesn't have the servo motor and uses 13/18V to switch the polarity you can use this with any DVB receiver.

    Most people leave the old C Band receiver in place to move the dish, however there are other position controllers available that can hook up to the DVB receiver and provide the DC voltage required to spin the dish. V-Box is a common one, but not commonly available in Canada.

    If you still want to keep the old receiver connected generally what most will do is continue to use it to change the polarity and move the dish. To connect the coax to both receivers get a high frequency splitter with one leg DC power block and one leg DC power pass. Connect the DC power pass to the old receiver and the DC power block to the DVB receiver. When ever you tune to a channel on the DVB receiver that needs to have the polarity changed you'll have to grab the remote for your old receiver and change the channel up by one.

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