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    Some projectors do fine in normal lit rooms. One that comes to mind is the latest Panasonic 720p model (not the 1080p) which according to Projector Central is a light cannon. Others do not have the same light output and would likely be a poor choice for a well lit room.

    Well this an old thread. Budgetary restraints forced me to settle for the 67 inch 1080p Sammy. Not that I'm complaining, being forced to watch movies on such a tiny tv screen.
    At least light is no longer an issue.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I'll post here because it provides a nice historical perspective on the capabilities of the new projectors as well as give us a reality check on the drops in prices...


    Looking at FINALLY taking the plunge for a front projectors - looking at the lower-end (pricewise) of projectors...

    Trying to decide between an Optoma HD-20 (a DLP... seen it at $999) or an Epson Home Cinema 8350 (3-lcd panels, $1339). Both are 1080p, with the Epson getting the nudge as far as deeper blacks, low noise and low light leakage. Thinking about pulling the trigger on the Epson. Any other choices?

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    Look at the Panasonic AE-4000. It's more expensive ($2K), but well worth it.

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    Hey Mike. The Panasonic ceratinly is a very nice machine, but it's about 1K more then the little Epson. And according to Projector Central, it is, as far as image quality, pretty much equal to the big Panny. The Panny has some nice features, but if you don't need the whiz bang...

    I received the projector and screen yesterday. Happy Valentines day to me!! Need to install this week, will let you know how it goes.

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    The frame interpolation on the AE4000 is a wonderful feature, but the best thing is the auto-zoom. I built a 2.40:1 screen and it's so sweet putting in a Cinemascope filma and watching it fill the whole screen.


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