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Thread: Lyngsat - how does it work?

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    Question Lyngsat - how does it work?


    people are telling me I can get free satellite from around the world with Lyngsat. I also checked out their webpage, however, I have no idea how it works. How am I able to get this free? What is it and what are the procedures to receive it? Details please, as I am a novice to all of this satellite stuff. Thanks.

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    Lyngsat is nothing more that a site that lists the satellites, what channels are on them, and how to contact the channels/providers, and other ancillary info.
    They also list by provider, and by FTA for countries/regions.

    In other word, Lyngsat is just a tool for the satellite hobbyist, no more than this site is a tool for Canadian TV viewers.

    If you want to know how real FTA satellite works, that is another thing.
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    It's a database maintained by numerous individuals around the planet to show what is being transmitted on the satellites. It will show you the format be it analog, DVB, DCII along with the tuning parameters. There are usually also links to footprint maps showing the coverage of the satellite. You need to know what equipment is required to tune these channels and how to set it all up on your own.

    Unencrypted channels are all fair game. The most commonly available now are DVB. DVB receivers are fairly cheap and you can pick up quite a bit of stuff just with a small Ku dish around 1 meter in size. For those who still have C Band dishes setup there is a large amount of programing available.

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