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Thread: Christmas Music Now on Star Choice

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    Local 24/7 Christmas Radio Stations

    [/QUOTE]some stations are now going all-Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, swapping "The Monster Mash" for "The Christmas Song".[/QUOTE]

    Here in the Maritimes 140 FM Lite Rock Moncton and CJCH AM Oldies Halifax are playing all Christmas Music this month..What stations in your area are going 24/7 Christmas Music?

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    What stations in your area are going 24/7 Christmas Music?[/QUOTE]

    In Toronto I know EZRock 97.3FM is playing all Christmas music all the time.

    CFRB Newstalk1010AM plays these "It Feels Like Christmas" stories as told by Gib Forrester. They've been playing them for at least 10 years. You get one per hour and some of them are quite good.

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    GIb Forrester

    Hi there,

    I've been looking for somewhere that I could download some of those Gib Forrester stories. My Grandmother loves them, and I was thinking that it would be a great present for her. Does anyone here know of anywhere that I could download them online? Or maybe somewhere that I could write to and pay to have them send me some copies of them?

    I'd appreciate the help


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