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New Sanyo Z5 ..$1495USD after rebate.
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Thread: New Sanyo Z5 ..$1495USD after rebate.

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    New Sanyo Z5 ..$1495USD after rebate.

    My Sanyo Z2 is now three years old and going strong at 2500 hours on the original bulb.

    Despite not really "needing" a new one, and even though I hate the rigmarole with rebates, I am tempted by this offer. IIRC, I paid $1850USD for the Z2 in late 2003.

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    Please share the link that you found that rebate coupon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grunge View Post
    Please share the link that you found that rebate coupon.
    Sorry, Grunge. I can't.

    It is available to all US purchasers. I use B&H Photo in NYC. Link to main site is : http://www.bhphotovideo.com/

    But linking directly to their interior pages seems sometimes not to work. You have to select "Projection and Viewing," then, "Home Theater Projectors," then Sanyo.

    Needed page is :

    But, I'm betting won't work.

    Hey, it does! Fancy that!

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    Kevin Benton's outfit - Complete-it.ca has proven to be quite effective at competing with SOTB pricing...

    he doesn't have an advertised price, but I'm sure he'd provide a competitive solution.
    and if not - well it can't hurt to ask, can it?

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    I had a Z2 and upgraded to a Z4 last spring. I really love the Z4. I got it for $1200 on redflagdeals.ca from a guy who had a bunch...maybe they were hot? Anyway, it was new and sealed in a box and has worked perfectly.

    Try http://www.quebecacoustic.com

    Also consider the Panasonic AX100....another new model....supposedly bery bright. Can be purchased at www.eastporters.com

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    So, Tup, am I gonn'a see a real difference between my Z2 and a Z5?
    I am trying to justify this insane course of action as my Z2 is still great and I have this steenkin' spare bulb I haven't even used yet.

    Maybe I should just sit on my wallet and wait for a (hopefully) 1080p Z6 in a year's time.

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    The specs sound great and the price is right but with only a brightness of 1100 lumens just how dark a room do you need to use this model? I'm looking to get one eventually for the new house basement playroom. I was also looking at the Mitsubishi HD4000U. More expensive but about twice as bright. I want to be able to play pool with the big screen on watching hockey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoman View Post
    just how dark a room do you need to use this model? I'm looking to get one eventually for the new house basement playroom.
    I have always thought the need for "light control" with FP a bit overstated. Sure, I usually watch a movie in total darkness. But watching the Z2 with a reading light on is perfectly satisfactory.

    I feel sure that installing a lamp low over your pool table, with a shade that focuses the light on the table, rather than spilling it all over he room would be just fine. After all, aren't most classy pool table set ups precisely like that?

    And keep in mind, running your bulb at max brightness will shorten its life.

    And, according to Projector Central, ( http://www.projectorcentral.com/mitsubishi_hd4000u.htm ), the Mits you mentioned is primarily a data PJ rather than a home theatre PJ.

    From their review: "it would not be our first choice for use as a dedicated home theater projector."

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    Thanks for the link. Being a respected FP guru you're input is appreciated.
    After scoping out other projectors at the same site, I kinda fancy the Panasonic PT-AX100U. It got a perfect score and the price is somewhere between the Mits and Sanyo. It'll even do 1080p.

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    Wow, I haven't looked at projectors in over 2 years... truly amazing that you can get a 1920x1080 projector for about $5k US

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