Just a note for those posting articles from other websites / sources.

Please do not copy and paste full articles to this site anymore. From now on just add the link so people can go to the site and read it. We don't want to take any chances at one of the websites going after Phil for their material being re-posted on this forum without permission.

Remember, you can quote a few lines from the article, just do not post it in its entirety.

Also, if you are going to post an article please try to comment on it also, this is a discussion forum after all. Give your opinion and let other people respond to it as well as the article.

It's simple to do, just choose this symbol from the message editor and copy/paste the url (eg. into the pop-up box and click OK. Alternatively you can just type in the url name and add tags before and after the link (eg. [url][/url] - which will come out looking like