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How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???
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Thread: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

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    How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    Does anyone know of a way to get the Hallmark Channel in Canada? I dearly love 'The Waltons' and they air a daily episode if it (weekdays). My cable company doesn't offer the Hallmark Channel. I'm near Calgary, Alberta - by the way. I looked into getting TiVO as it's now available in Canada but their website is pretty useless to Canadians - and besides, they don't sell the TiVO boxes to Canadians - you pretty much have to order it online (Ebay). If I could find someone who's got TiVO here and could explain to me how to get set up (I'm electronically challenged), I would consider it.

    So I feel my only other option is to get a Satellite Dish but I went to the Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice websites to see their channels and don't see Hallmark Channel in there [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] I don't know who else to try?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    And yes - I know you can buy The Waltons Sets on DVD but I have all of the first 3 Seasons and they only release a new (old) season once a year. I can't wait that long to get through to Season 9.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    Unfortunately, I think you're out of luck. The Hallmark Channel isn't available in Canada.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    Getting a TiVo in Canada has nothing to do with getting the Hallmark channel, since TiVo is a recording service, not a programming service (unless you mean a DirecTV TiVo, which you would mean the DirecTV service). You can import a Standalone or buy an already imported standalone, to use with services you already receive.
    TiVo has good setup instructinos in the manual, on ther website, their peer support forum, tivocommunity.com, and tivocanada.com

    Getting Hallmark is entirely another matter, and you'll have to grey market US satellite service, which is OT for this board.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    also see post choice is not part of their name, you will have to pay thru the nose to get that channel no ala carte on us satellite.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    If it is the waltons you want, try contacting these Canadian channels and request they carry it:
    CBC Country Channel, Dejavu, Prime, Suntv,an tv land canada.
    CBCC had little house on the prairie, sun carries leave it to beaver and family Affair. Also try Vision--they carry shows like my favorite martian.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    CTS also carried the Waltons in the past.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    You can always rent/buy the DVD's.

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    Re: How can I get the Hallmark Channel ???

    Yes, except they are relasing the DVDs slower than they are appearing on TV, too slow of the OP's patience.

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