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Thread: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Using a digital sound level meter...

    My DSR530 (Turned on and recording) has a sound level of 65 with the meter pressed against the front of the DSR530. It goes down too about 50 3" from the box..

    Doing the same with my desktop PC produces 69 against the front of the PC and 58 3" from the box...

    The digital meter doesn't register below 50...

    So in my situation the Desktop PC is a little louder than the DRS530...

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Well I got mine installed last night and so far I'm really impressed.

    I experienced the same problem regarding the skip back. If you hit the button to rapidly the screen goes pixilated and the system locks up. These buttons can be assigned any length of time you want. The system default is 10 seconds back and 30 seconds ahead. I think I might change the forward to 60 ahead. I powered it off last night so the software updates could download. This should fix the lock up issue.

    The remote is laid out well with all of the most often used features close to the top. I wish the skip and pause buttons were a little bigger but I'll get used to it.

    I didn't notice any noise coming from the hard drive at all. Even with the sound turned down on my TV, mind you I didn't use an SPL meter either.

    The quick install sheet is really helpful. And Strarchoice has a little interactive deal on their web site that explains all the features. They can show you or you can click on the remote button to see how it works.

    When I called to get it activated they had a power failure in Montreal at the tech center. All their screens went down as soon as she said hello.
    I called back about 15 minutes later and it was all up and running.

    I think I'll be able to get used to this system really fast.

    Very nice.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Got my new DSR530 installed few days ago without any real problems. After the "overnight" update it settled down but occasionally does hang up if remote buttons are pressed too fast..
    The DVI video feed does seem to make a difference for a better quality picture as compared to the DSR500. Picture is a little softer but I turned up the contrast setting on the TV.
    I'm impressed with DVR record functions as they are very user friendly. The preset forward and reverse are excellent I think.
    However I see that SC still hasn't fixed their "favourites" setup. When you chose your favourites it only edits the menu and not the actualy "up/down" channel functions. So if you want to scroll through the channels one at a time you end up getting stuck on each channel without being able to surf right throught it. I mentioned this many times to SC on the DSR500 but they don't want to fix this. I personnally find this very annoying. Maybe its just me ?

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    I picked up one from FS. The first one I picked up had a bad bearing, or metal-on-metal vibration sound that seemed like a chainsaw in my quiet room.

    When I picked up the unit and gently torqued it or squeezed the side walls, it would go away. I wasn't putting up with that.

    I didn't activate the box, packed it back up, and took it back to FS and exchanged it for the only other unit at that store, no fuss, no muss.

    Got it home and set up and it sounds fine. You should hear a HD/fan noise like a quiet PC when the unit is on or off. I have not as yet heard any head chatter from the disk.

    Take your unit back / or arrange replacement with *C.


    One comment...I now understand what people are saying when they say it's a 1 1/2 tuner DVR.

    You can't record two things at the same time. Period. You can record one and watch the other, but no recording two things simultaneously. The SA8300 I had before would let you do that, so it must have been a 'true' dual tuner DVR.

    Otherwise am pretty happy. Glad it took the firmware update the first night, because that default 'neptune' load was useless. Couldn't pause or anything. Seems to be working OK now.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    I have had my 530 running since last friday. Got the software dl on friday night. I have recorded multiple programs since. I had one problem - my skip forward and back did not work and my progress bar showed no progres ... A suggestion from another user was to do a reset with the front power button and and then to turn the machine on and off. Worked like a charm and the skip has been working great since.

    I recorded a movie yesterday while watching the indy 500. I had pasused the 500 race at one point and when I came back it was just too cool to skip through the commercials and pause as I wanted (I do like the buffer) So yes while I could not dump the race to disk while I was recording a movie it still was cool to have the record buffer working at the same time.

    My 6 year old son loves pausing a show when he has to go to supper etc - only problem is now he wants to pause the other tv's in the house [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    So far I am pleased, pause works, ff speeds work (a little blocky but works) mine is quiet (some users have complained of loud fans)

    I love the guide - its hard to go back to the guide on the 400 series in other parts of the house)

    There have been some users reporting that some recording cut off mysteriously and dont finish ... I have not had that yet.

    I would suggest that if you are recording a program (that you selected from the guide) that you go into your timers and add a minute or to to the end - I have had a couple of recorded shows finish recording just before the end as the channel went past the actual half hour etc.

    but I am happy at this point


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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    The SA search by title was cool...would've been nice on the 530. Also disappointing that the guide only looks ahead 3 days...there's a HD. Memory shouldn't be a limiter, guys...

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    As anyone started to accumulate some HD recordings on their hard drives? Can you guesstimate how much programming you'll actually be able to store on the hard drive?

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    "It sounds odd that the hard drive runs constantly,even with the receiver off.I'm afraid it will wear out the hard drive motor faster than it should,when there is no need to have it running 24 hrs. a day"

    I have the Shaw Motorola DCT6200 HD PVR. The fan has run continuously ever since the day I plugged it in. I can hear it running any time that I don't have my Home Theatre system operating. However it is not loud enough to be distracting when my system is running.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    No, but I thought it was gracious of it to ask whether I wanted to pick up where I left off when I continued watching a recorded movie.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
    it was gracious of it to ask whether I wanted to pick up where I left off when I continued watching a recorded movie.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I believe they (PVRs) all do that? No?

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