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Thread: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    You still get the PPV credits...not that I use them any. The programming credit is what's up for grabs. I'll try them on it.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    A couple of detail's regarding activation etc..

    When you first look at the system info screen no signal strength or ebno registers for tuner 2...if you record rewind and stop that seems to make tuner 2 kick in and it will then show up on the system info screen...

    After activation if you go too channel 298 (F2) and press record, then go too channel 299 (F1) and in this state check the system info screen you can see signal strength and ebno of both sats at once...

    I activated one today that displayed serious macro blocking during scene changes etc...real bad...the CSR went and asked someone what to do, came back sent something (rehit possibly) trip counter increased and the problem was corrected...

    The system will work with one tuner only when only one cable is connected from the dish to the receivers tuner 1...

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    My 1st impression of picture quality is that it seems softer and colours seem less vibrant than the DSR500??

    I havn't done a side by side comparison, I will try too find the time for this sometime [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    My dsr530 is extremely noisy,even when shut off.It sounds like a bad hard drive that won't shut off.A whining,buzzing sound.
    It sounds like a return to me.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Mine does have a some noise but I have it behind glass doors and closing the doors elimates the noise intrusion....might be a little intrusive without any doors though.

    Mine took the firmware download last night so I can now evaluate it without nagging concers if any issues are related to the firmware.

    Last night I was messing with it (prior to firmware download) and was watching CSI that I had recorded earlier while at the same time recording ER. After I finished CSI and before ER finished taping I was messing with it and managed to lock it up...or at least it was very sluggish so I shut it off and turned it back on. While it was off, the record light stayed on and the blue lights continued to cycle so I assumed it continued to record ER. Today, while watching ER I got to about "that time" and it kicked me out of playback and refused to play the ending even though it showed time left. I tried to adjust the jump button to 4 minutes to jump past the bad spot but no-go. So I assume my meddling and powering on/off messed up the recording.

    Hopefully with the new 98 code today, all will be well. It really is terrific to be able to record HDTV! Also nice not to have to switch between S-video and component while changing from HD channels to regular (which I have to do with my 201 sidecar receiver).

    So now that the new code is present, I can get down to seeing how well this baby is going to work!

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    I found the colours a little softer than the 500 also.Minor tv adjustments and all appears ok.
    I talked to tech. this morning about the noise and they will get back to me .It sounds odd that the hard drive runs constantly,even with the receiver off.I'm afraid it will wear out the hard drive motor faster than it should,when there is no need to have it running 24 hrs. a day.
    So far everything else works ok.My receiver took the download.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    For those who have a 530,when the receiver is shut off,does the fan and hard drive still run? Mine is warm to the touch and noisy,even when shutoff.This may be normal,but i'm not sure if running the hard drive and fan 24hrs. a day when the receiver is off is necessary.If everyone's is the same,then that's the end of it.
    Thanks Ladies and Gents

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Mine is still making a noise when it is off. At least they are Seagate harddrives which I think are far and away the most reliable drives.

    So yes, mine still makes a noise when off...also, when listening, I hear a slight ticking noise when I pause live feed....I think it's a harddrive noise...you can barely hear it above the general unit noise. Glad I have it behind the glass doors though!

    Didn't DigitalDude say something about being able to make the noise go away for people who have them in bedrooms...or was that a future feature?

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Reading the manual is not something I always do, but It's a good idea to read this one. I discovered you can turn off the live buffer which will probably eliminate that harddrive noise for those interested.

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    Re: DSR530 - Tricks, tips and nits

    Tried that,made no difference,still very noisy.When i get up in the morning and it is quiet,i can here it from 15 ft. away.it sounds worse than my computer with 2 fans and 2 hard drives,both seagate by the way.
    I want to find another one setup to compare the noise,but here aren't very many out there yet.

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