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Star Choice Signal Strength
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Thread: Star Choice Signal Strength

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    Star Choice Signal Strength

    Talking to a CSR last night about abnormally low signal strength lately. One thing he mentioned was that a cordless phone dock sitting near the *C receiver(s) could be the problem. I do, in fact, have a cordless phone plugged in very close to my sat setup so after the call I unplugged it for a while and guess what - no difference! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/rolleye.gif[/img] Anyone else ever hear anything like this? Bottom line - service tech coming Saturday (fingers crossed) to check out cables & connections.

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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    The real numder to watch for is the signal quality (in Options 6-4), or better yet, the EbNo. in Potions 6-0-5-Right-Right
    (Diagnostics C), 3rd line down Rightmost item. +6.0 is at least what you need. below that you may have troubles, below 3
    you will experience dropouts. Best is above 9, I had my system aligned to that once, gotta go for that again in the spring.

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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    I have 3 different receivers and get different read-outs. If you check out the "EbNo", these are all different as well as the satellite tune-in bar/hum. My "EbNo" on the 421B has been consistently low but I've never had any problem with drop-outs (except one or two times due to extreme conditions). Unless there are reception problems, I would just leave it alone.

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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    The phone base next to the receiver is a crock...

    I have my phone base (2.4ghz spread spectrum) ON my StarChoice receiver, and an 802.11b Wireless Access Point in the next room (they are back to back each side of the wall).

    When I had trouble with the receiver cutting out, they were the first thing I unplugged, it didn't make a difference (I ended up replacing the receiver, problem was an intermitent failing componenent).

    Have you checked if anything growing (or snowin) is obstructing your line of sight, or if high winds may have nudged the dish out of alignment?


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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    Starchoice seems to be having lots of problems with recievers and LNBF's intermitently cutting out. Anyone know whats up with this? Badly made equipment? Poor frequency choice for broadcast? Outside interference, ie radar detectors? Anyone with answers?

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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    What kind of receiver you have and did you check you EBNO level like they told you in other post.
    return with model and you ebno sample for a couple channel like 200 300 299 and so.
    we will try to help

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    Re: Star Choice Signal Strength

    Got a pleasant surprise today. The *C tech called to ask if he could come by my place right away instead of Saturday to check my dish setup. Lo & behold, the LNB was the wrong size for my dish and cracked to boot; cables from the dish were connected with indoor connectors and last but not least, the dish was badly out of alignment. My own fault. I moved into this house in November and procrastinated over having the existing setup checked. What a dummy! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] Anyway, everything's fine now - keeping my fingers crossed.

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