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Thread: Rogers Billing Error

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    Rogers Billing Error

    I traded my Starchoice receiver for a Rogers digital terminal. After they installed the cable, they refused to activate a second terminal that they has promised the previous week that they would. I told them that if they would not activate it I would cancel my service. I was told that I would have to cancel my service. The installer came to my house and disconnected my cable and he gave me back my receiver and I returned their their receiver.

    This is where the trouble began. The installer did not return the receiver and also did not give me any paperwork with his name on it. I am getting billed for the receiver that I returned and they refuse to give me a phone number so that I can contact the installer so that I can clear this up.

    Is there anybody I can contact to get this resolved? I have been in contact with their call center for the last two months and they have been unwilling to resolve this problem.

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    Re: Rogers Billing Error

    Seek as lawyer & call the Cable Asscotation & Better Business Bereau.

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    Re: Rogers Billing Error

    Are you saying that the installer stole the receiver?

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    Re: Rogers Billing Error

    It is more likely that it is sitting in a warehouse somewhere and Rogers cannot locate it. I would accelerate the issue higher up in Rogers. Their supervisors and managers will respond to customer issues when contacted. If that fails contact the BBB. As a last resort file a suit in small claims court for damages and the cost of a new receiver.

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