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More US channels on Digital?
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Thread: More US channels on Digital?

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    More US channels on Digital?

    There is a movement by cable providers to get more US channels for access on digital cable. Their idea is to provide the channels that people want but only on digital to promote the change to digital.

    Here is the link to their WWW site.

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    Re: More US channels on Digital?

    This has been discussed before. The reality is that it will just fill up the dial with blacked out US services and, in the long run, drain Canadian services of US programming. You will still be forced to pay for Canadian channels to get the US channels, though.

    The biggest drawback is that is would cause significant increases in Canadians cable and satellite bills. Want HBO, Showtime, etc? That will be another $50/mo please. Cha-ching! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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