View Full Version : Fine tuning question

09-21-2002, 04:26 PM
Hi. Can someone tell me which tuning method to use...options 6 3 1 or options 6 4 and why are the signal numbers different? Also, what channel should one be tuned to for fine tuning? Finally, what signal should I expect with a old 24" dish west of Red Deer, Alberta? Thanks for your time....

09-22-2002, 10:58 AM
Use option 6 3 1 to initially lock on to the signal. When you have the signal well into the green, use Diagnostic C (options 6 0 5, right arrow twice). On the third line from the top on the right hand side, you will see a number with a plus sign in front of it. This is your signal to noise ratio, also called EbNo, and is, as far as I know, the best way to tweak your dish short of a spectrum analyzer.